Q: Do I need a permit?

A: Cabins up to 10 square metres do not normally require a permit. We do advise checking with your local council regarding any local regulations such as siting close to boundaries etc.

Q: Can I change cabin layouts?

A: Within the basic structure we can locate doors and windows to suit your individual requirements.

Q: What options do I have with exterior cladding?

A: We can finish in Grooved Plywood or Ply and batten finish. And you have the choice of paint or stain finish.

Q: What joinery options do I have? (Windows and Doors)

A: We have a large stock of new single and double glazed joinery in Arctic White, Ironsand and Silver Pearl. Recycled joinery can be selected from our showroom if you wish to reduce costs.

Q: Can I finish the cabin myself?

A: We can construct the cabin to a “Lock-Up” stage, and leave the interior lining etc to you.

Q: Can I decide what electrical fittings I want?

A: Certainly, but only on fully constructed cabins as we are required to obtain an electrical certificate of compliance.

Q: Do you deliver?

A: We can provide a number of transport contacts including Hi-Ab operators. Kitsets can be collected on a tandem trailer.

Q: Will a queen size bed fit in your cabins?

A: Yes, the internal width of our cabins are 2.2m and a queen bed is 1.5m wide.