“Why Cabins Direct?”

Customise Your Lifestyle Options

Whether it’s an extra bedroom, an office, an art studio or just a personal refuge, Cabins Direct can build a cabin that meets your individual needs. And you’ll find them very affordable!’

Built By Qualified and Skilled Tradesmen

We build our cabins with pride, and they are built to last. Constructed to exacting standards we do not take short cuts or use light framing to save costs. With many cabin choices in the market you will be pleased you chose “Cabins Direct”.

Pre-built or Kitset Options

The choice is yours. A pre-built cabin can be delivered to site and ready for use in a number of hours-no hassles. But if you have a site with limited access, or you fancy saving some dollars using your DIY skills, a kitset option may be the best option. Kitsets can easily be transported on a sound tandem trailer.

Add Value To Your Property

There is no doubt that a cabin provides a low cost option to extend your living space, or for an office or hobby room. As an extra bonus it will add value to your property if you choose to sell. And if your situation changes your “Cabin Direct” cabin can easily be re-sold at a good price.